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The first battle of Petrolina, part 1

Petrolina was a squalid shithole even compared to the rest of the unpleasant towns that dotted the countryside. It was mostly half-decayed shacks filled with mobs inexplicably angry that the local dictatorship was acting in their best interests by allowing heavy industry to support the local economy. Despite the government’s benevolent intervention, eventually protests led […]

Talibanned for life

One of the great strengths of Tomorrow’s War (and Force on Force) is its ability to model asymmetric warfare. In fact, this feature is what sold me on these two games in the first place. What I didn’t have when I purchased them was a viable irregular force. I had a few (40 or so) […]

Hell of wheels

I’ve already written about the completion of my army, the colour scheme, etc. Now it’s time for me to bitch a little about the GZG Phalanx APCs. This is not to say they didn’t turn out reasonably well; I just think they could have been more but by the time I finished I was reaching […]

OPFOR (largely) completed

Over the past two months, I’ve apparently gone on something of a painting blitz. In addition to painting the force of the Broadsword from Traveller, I also completed my first 15 mm major force. The infantry is comprised of GZG’s UNSC collection, with added support from Old Crow, RAFM and Revell. Most of these weren’t […]

Traveller Adventure 7: Broadsword

Although I may be dating myself, I started playing Traveller in the 1980s. The early 1980s. I picked up Adventure 7 back then, and never played it, because of the seeming impossibility at the time of painting such a huge lot of miniatures. Of course, now, 45 miniatures is really bugger-all, and the “armour” complement […]

Do you like filing? I have a deal for you!

Who would have imagined that it would take an entire day to clean the flash off of four 15mm models? I recently purchased some GZG Phalanx APCs, and decided that they would be the next in line for painting for my 15mm SF army (infantry pictures are forthcoming). In addition to those, I prepped a […]

The shantytown

Part of the deal of switching to 15mm scale is that you get to make all new terrain. I was greatly inspired by a post on Frothers Unite by a user called nevermore. His post outlines how to make this piece (although his is in 28mm scale). The board sizes are the same, though, so […]

Tomorrow’s War Tokens

I’ve taken quite a liking to Osprey/Ambush Alley Games’ Tomorrow’s War, but discovered that I really needed a set of markers to make the game flow more quickly. I didn’t feel like ordering a bunch of acrylic ones, so I decided to whip up some futuristic style counters for myself. This set will probably not […]