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Crows dropping from the skies

In the future of war, mobility is all. Naturally, my well equipped forces couldn’t do without some sort of interface transport, so their vehicle of choice was the Old Crow VTOL, known officially as the Crow VTOL Lander.   Like all Old Crow models, it arrived quickly and securely packed. Of course, it was also […]

A hint of paper things to come

I’ve already had a post about paper buildings that don’t really look like paper (plus a downloadable template). I can understand that many people don’t like paper because they look flat and lifeless, and are anathema to the three-dimensionality of miniature figures. I’m trying to change that. With the exception of the miniatures, everything else […]

Merka makes mark in military

My Duchess Camilla’s Horse regiment already had armour for modern combats, but the infantry serve a dual-role as science fiction troops as well. There’s a large variety of science-fiction style tanks around, but I wanted something near-future like with tracks, so I selected Rebel Miniatures’ Merka tank, and got a troop of five. Tanks in […]

Rebel MATV Apache: a sort of review.

My DCH troops needed some softskin transport and recon, and seeing as I can’t find anyone that actually makes a 15mm scale G-Wagon I had to either scratchbuild one and cast it (not yet) or buy something else. I decided to go with Rebel Mini’s MATV Apache, which looks like an uparmoured HMMWV (at least […]

Set phasers on “paint spray”

In the tradition of wargamers everywhere, I completely neglected my large pile of unpainted figures and ordered some new ones, which I of course planned to paint immediately. I was unable to resist the 15mm Astro Miniatures line. After some remarkably good customer service from them, the figures arrived quickly and well packed. They were […]

Paper modelling in the 21st century

I recently extolled the virtues of illustration board as a modelling material. It has the benefits of both paper and plastic and is cheap to boot. Because it’s actually paper, I thought about how to combine paper model design and traditional plastic design into a monstrous hybrid. The result is similar to products now being […]

Matchbox mayhem

In my unending quest for cheap, easily paintable tat, I discovered, via theminiaturespage.com, that matchbox makes a fine 15mm scale APC. It’s called the Matchbox “Armoured Response Vehicle”, and naturally it was completely unavailable in any toy store in the area. Luckily, I picked up 5 of them on Ebay. I debated not painting the […]

Excessive salt may lead to rusted vehicles

Even though the insurgents like to drive around in technicals, a Toyota pickup often isn’t good for mass transport. To facilitate their more efficient dispersal I managed to find a dirt-cheap transport option from a 100 yen store. This is made even more impressive because it’s not even in Japan. The diecast truck I found […]

Technicals trundle towards table

Not so recently I completed some Peter Pig AK-47 Republic Toyota Hilux pickup trucks to use as technicals for both modern and near future SF games. Before you scoff at the idea of a Hilux surviving into the future, I suggest watching this series of videos on Youtube to see why having a Hilux pickup […]

The first battle of Petrolina, part 2

No matter what happened, the outcome couldn’t possibly be good. Team 1-2 was stuck out there, waving in the wind. It was time to head back to the APC before incoming rounds turned them to small pieces of meat. There was still movement from the observation post ahead, so they piled on the fire then […]