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Prefab Post Pain in Posterior

In addition to miniatures, I have a fondness for prefabricated buildings, although these two interests rarely intersect. However, this is one of those rare times. A while ago I found a website (now gone) which showed proposals for disaster relief in Haiti. One of the designs was a shelter made of a shipping container. I […]

Fresh fabricants photographed

A while back I reviewed the (theoretically solo-compatible) miniatures game The Department. If you can’t be bothered to read the review, I can tell you that I found the game wanting in many respects.  Of course, I didn’t know that at the time I ordered it, and that was when I also ordered my Department […]

Crows dropping from the skies

In the future of war, mobility is all. Naturally, my well equipped forces couldn’t do without some sort of interface transport, so their vehicle of choice was the Old Crow VTOL, known officially as the Crow VTOL Lander.   Like all Old Crow models, it arrived quickly and securely packed. Of course, it was also […]

A review of The Department from the department of reviews

You may have noticed that updates have been a little sparse lately. That’s because our place is undergoing renovation, so I have no place to a) paint b) play c) take pictures All of these things make life a little harder, but I’m going to soldier on, and start off with something I should have […]

A hint of paper things to come

I’ve already had a post about paper buildings that don’t really look like paper (plus a downloadable template). I can understand that many people don’t like paper because they look flat and lifeless, and are anathema to the three-dimensionality of miniature figures. I’m trying to change that. With the exception of the miniatures, everything else […]

Set phasers on “paint spray”

In the tradition of wargamers everywhere, I completely neglected my large pile of unpainted figures and ordered some new ones, which I of course planned to paint immediately. I was unable to resist the 15mm Astro Miniatures line. After some remarkably good customer service from them, the figures arrived quickly and well packed. They were […]

The first battle of Petrolina, part 2

No matter what happened, the outcome couldn’t possibly be good. Team 1-2 was stuck out there, waving in the wind. It was time to head back to the APC before incoming rounds turned them to small pieces of meat. There was still movement from the observation post ahead, so they piled on the fire then […]

The first battle of Petrolina, part 1

Petrolina was a squalid shithole even compared to the rest of the unpleasant towns that dotted the countryside. It was mostly half-decayed shacks filled with mobs inexplicably angry that the local dictatorship was acting in their best interests by allowing heavy industry to support the local economy. Despite the government’s benevolent intervention, eventually protests led […]

Tomorrow’s War Tokens

I’ve taken quite a liking to Osprey/Ambush Alley Games’ Tomorrow’s War, but discovered that I really needed a set of markers to make the game flow more quickly. I didn’t feel like ordering a bunch of acrylic ones, so I decided to whip up some futuristic style counters for myself. This set will probably not […]

Gruntz status counters

Congratulations on discovering my token set for the Gruntz 15 mm scale wargame. They were created because S6 Engineering has gone out of business, so laser-cut tokens are no longer available. There’s two files, one with straight edges, and one with rounded edges. If you’re cutting the rounded edges, it will be significantly more work, […]