Paper modelling in the 21st century

I recently extolled the virtues of illustration board as a modelling material. It has the benefits of both paper and plastic and is cheap to boot. Because it’s actually paper, I thought about how to combine paper model design and traditional plastic design into a monstrous hybrid. The result is similar to products now being […]

Modern buildings for modern wars

While having a shanty-town is somewhat satisfying, I wanted to create a more modern-looking built-up area. My goal was to keep the buildings as generic as possible, to allow use over a wide variety of time periods from the early 20th century to the indefinite future. Doing a google image search for generic tower blocks […]

Add life to your death

For most of the world, in any even slightly urban (or even rural area) wherever there are people, there are cars. And not just a few — lots of them. Adding a giant pile of cars to a 15mm game could be problematic, as most of them are non-combatants (ie, scenery), and painting a giant […]

In like a lion, out like a leopard

By pure chance, I was in a toy store and stumbled across some new diecast toys from Germany. What especially caught my eye was the Siku “Panzer”, an HO scale Leopard 2A6. Coincidentally, this is the same tank used by the Canadian Forces. Given that I could get instant gratification (not all that instant, because […]

Operation FLASH — DCH Infantry

Now that I’ve got a lot of the miscellany out of the way, I decided to paint the men of the eponymous Duchess Camilla’s Horse. I wanted figures that could be used for both modern and SF (so, modern, really) and I wanted them to be Canadian. Naturally, no one makes Canadians, so I picked […]

Matchbox mayhem

In my unending quest for cheap, easily paintable tat, I discovered, via, that matchbox makes a fine 15mm scale APC. It’s called the Matchbox “Armoured Response Vehicle”, and naturally it was completely unavailable in any toy store in the area. Luckily, I picked up 5 of them on Ebay. I debated not painting the […]

JTF-2 seconded to DCH.

Given that my labours have given rise to a significant number of angry terrorists, I can finally focus on the members of the eponymous Duchess Camilla’s Horse. I must confess that I was quite tired of painting figures that were all different, so the first part of my Canadian force was going to be all […]

Excessive salt may lead to rusted vehicles

Even though the insurgents like to drive around in technicals, a Toyota pickup often isn’t good for mass transport. To facilitate their more efficient dispersal I managed to find a dirt-cheap transport option from a 100 yen store. This is made even more impressive because it’s not even in Japan. The diecast truck I found […]

Technicals trundle towards table

Not so recently I completed some Peter Pig AK-47 Republic Toyota Hilux pickup trucks to use as technicals for both modern and near future SF games. Before you scoff at the idea of a Hilux surviving into the future, I suggest watching this series of videos on Youtube to see why having a Hilux pickup […]

The first battle of Petrolina, part 2

No matter what happened, the outcome couldn’t possibly be good. Team 1-2 was stuck out there, waving in the wind. It was time to head back to the APC before incoming rounds turned them to small pieces of meat. There was still movement from the observation post ahead, so they piled on the fire then […]