Do you like filing? I have a deal for you!

Who would have imagined that it would take an entire day to clean the flash off of four 15mm models? I recently purchased some GZG Phalanx APCs, and decided that they would be the next in line for painting for my 15mm SF army (infantry pictures are forthcoming). In addition to those, I prepped a couple of Old Crow resin models.

The Old Crow models took about 10 minutes to clean (and that’s being generous with the time). The GZG ones took about an hour and half each. The first one took much longer, then, instead of ragequitting, I broke out the Dremel for the more egregious mold lines. Specifically, the bottom of the Phalanx has some particularly bad casting, which needed serious clean up.

In addition, each wheel needed to have a mold line removed between the tread. There’s four six-wheeled vehicles, each with 16 treads to the wheel. In case math isn’t your strong suit, that’s 384 lines. And then there’s the rest of the wheel . . .

After I finished, this was the pile of lead that I produced using hand tools:

Metal shavingsNote the 15mm GZG figure for scale. This doesn’t include the Dremel shavings. There’s at least enough metal to melt down and cast another figure.

This is what it all looks like, washed and set out to dry. Now I need to glue the things together.

Unassembled PhalanxesNot today, though. My hands are so sore that I’m afraid I’ll be unable to hold onto a well deserved martini.

I suspect it will take less time to paint them than it did to prep them.


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