The shantytown

Part of the deal of switching to 15mm scale is that you get to make all new terrain. I was greatly inspired by a post on Frothers Unite by a user called nevermore. His post outlines how to make this piece (although his is in 28mm scale).

The board sizes are the same, though, so I’ve made 2/3 again as much scenery for the same amount of space. The whole thing works out to be about 70 buildings, which is probably a little excessive since the whole works covers an area of 50 x 50cm.


If you’re planning on attempting this project, remember the following:

  • If you’re gluing sand/flock/etc to masonite, don’t dilute the glue. It will both warp the masonite and not stick, leaving you fcked.
  • If  you do warp the masonite, unwarp it by wetting it again and clamping it to something rigid for a couple of days. No, that doesn’t count.
  • You can greatly simplify the application of flock/sand/etc to the board by mixing sand with gesso and paint and sticking it on first. The gesso will prime it nicely and hold the material on so that it will never come off.

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