Pulp people painstakingly painted

I did eventually promise an update, and here is a somewhat pathetic one. I haven’t been updating because I was on vacation.  I have just returned, so in the great tradition, here is a vacation snapshot.

Somewhat large Canyon in Arizona

Were this place to be discovered today, it would be known as “Fucking Huge Canyon”

Like my snapshots, the following photographs were also taken with my cell phone, which I will use to explain the extremely questionable focus and shallow depth of field.


Poorly photographed miniatures. Note especially the dim lighting and lack on contrast. An unfinished, out-of-genre piece in the left background adds a whiff of gamer ADHD to the otherwise internally consistent composition.

These are Splintered Light miniatures, from their Pulp Heroes & Villains collection and Pulp Thugs.

Poorly photographed miniatures no.2

Poorly photographed miniatures no.2. Private collection. Note the similarity to No.1 above.

There’s not really a great deal to say about these figures, mostly because of their exceptionally high quality. They arrived nicely segregated in ziploc bags. There was next to no flash on any of the figures, and although the poses are slightly flattish (probably to facilitate the moulding process), slightly bending an arm here or there gives them much more three-dimensionality.

They’re superb figures which paint up beautifully.

As for the paint jobs, there’s not much to say about it that hasn’t been said a million times before on other tutorial sites. Like most of my figures, they’re painted with Golden Fluid Acrylics (which is much less dirty than you think) and washed (as in the painting technique) with a mixture of Future floor polish and ink.

In the background you can see the first of my series of Japanese buildings which is made of various types of paper product lying around my apartment. And some wood, because I had that too. The roof comes off to reveal a “detailed interior”, which in this case is some engraved planks.

It’s a hovel, not a nouveau riche cathouse.


The server problems continue — I need to reinstall LAMPP. What this means for those who are technically disinclined is that if you can read this, you are lucky, because when the server crashes you will just get nothing. It’s a bit of an existential conundrum, because if you can read this everything is working.


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