Moribund means still alive

I really haven’t dropped off the face of the earth; I’ve actually been fairly busy. However, I have been having some problem with the quality of the pictures from my camera. They look they’ve been strained through an old teabag that soaked in a cesspool, so I haven’t been posting anything.

I will though.
Here’s a list of what I’ve been working on

1. An Old Crow dropship with custom RCAF decals. Note: Low-viz RCAF decals are not very exciting.

2. Pulp figures from a variety of sources, the first painted batch being from Splintered Light figures.

3. Some Sengoku+ era Japanese buildings.

4. I played some other games which I may review. Specifically, Chain Reaction 3 (and I just purchased its larger brother 5150: Star Army). Also, Pulp Alley.

5. Miscellaneous terrain pieces.

In other news, at a recent party quite a few people discovered my OCD wargaming hobby. There were few shudders of disgust, a surprisingly large number of references to 40K, and quite an number of people trying out my head-mounted magnifier.


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  • Good to know you are still plugging away, even if silently.

    I find the last point you mention happens quite a bit to me: girls are usually a little puzzled and non-committal but from guys I always get ‘is that like warhammer?’ followed usually by ‘I used to quite like that!’ (this probably says more about the people I have over than anything else).

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