I could feel the darkness of the city seeping into my bones

I apologize for the lack of reliable updates. In early November our apartment was flooded with sewage, and we were forced to live somewhere else while the damage was repaired. That’s very nearly finished, but to top it all off I had a bout with pneumonia, after which I emerged on the losing side. Now that I’m hauling myself back to my feet, here’s an update.


There are a million stories in the city, and she had to walk into mine.

On my last post, I had mentioned that I had looked forward to The Department, purchased it, played it and found it, er, not to my taste. However, before the last part, I went not quite all the way out and made some pulp/noir style terrain.

I am not responsible for the design of all of it; most of the base sections came from Worldworks Games, as well as the overpass. You can find these in their Mayhem City collection. I’m not even responsible for the concept; I was inspired by this thread on theminiaturespage.com.

Because I didn’t want to spend an inordinate amount of time constructing before playing, I made a bunch of simple box build buildings, ranging from quite small storefronts to large apartment buildings. Construction is dirt simple — four sides and a roof.

Because space is at a premium, the buildings are open on the bottom. That allows you to nest the buildings matroshka-style for storage. Unfortunately, not a perfect matroshka, but still . . .

I wanted a way to depict Department crowds that was effective yet allowed figures to hide in crowds. My solution was to create a round base with a wall of silhouettes. Any figures inside the crowd can be placed inside the ring.


The horde of gawkers gave me a queasy feeling in the breadbasket.

In keeping with the black and white theme, the cars on the street are 1/100 scale black and whites from WeHonest.For some colour, I added a few red cars, which would be ideal for escaping protagonists, etc.


I couldn’t tell which was stronger — the smoke from his tires or his gats.

Because I hadn’t actually painted any 15mm noir figures yet (and I still haven’t, because I haven’t been near any paints for four months), I used some Cumberland Games Sparks printable figures.


Even though Elephant McKenzie had his brains splattered on the pavement, there was another roach to take his place.

In true pulp style, objectives and deaths stand out using some Litko Obviously Dead tokens.

Because I’m some sort of communist, you can download the material I’ve created on my downloads page. That’s all the buildings and the crowd markers. I’ll add the custom terrain tiles I made if I ever find them (my laptop also died in the last 4 months).

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