A hint of paper things to come

I’ve already had a post about paper buildings that don’t really look like paper (plus a downloadable template). I can understand that many people don’t like paper because they look flat and lifeless, and are anathema to the three-dimensionality of miniature figures.

I’m trying to change that.

All of this is highly flammable

With the exception of the miniatures, everything else is paper. And as a bonus, the only thing that required painting were the Jersey barriers.

I’ve taken a look at the techniques at Scalescenes.comĀ and laser-cut MDF models and adapted them to 15mm wargaming. The building (and sidewalks) below are made entirely of different weights of paper, then skinned with colour prints. The result is a building with relatively easy assembly that’s has detail that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with an airbrush and can be completed in a couple of hours.

The building still has a bit of a sheen, as I’ve not sprayed it with matte varnish, nor have I weathered it with pastels

I’m will make the plans and skins available, but plans and instructions for public consumption take a little time to lay out and proofread. I’m hoping this will be the first in a line of scenics.

I’m also working on a LEED style ultra-modern/SF building that would be both modular and paper. It will likely require some flock/foliage for some parts, though:

If you’re still not convinced, here’s another awful cellphone picture. If you consider foamcore to be paper (and it’s only a few of my older buildings), this whole layout (with the exception of the vegetation) is made of paper. The streets are modular (and I will be releasing the pattern for these as well), three dimensional, and covered with laser prints.


  • Wow, super awesome stuff!

  • Spot on! Please continue, I would love to test build a couple of your designs. This is an area of Wargame terrain which is sorely lacking.

  • Ettrick wrote:

    I would be happy to help with proofreading.

    Please let me know, either direct email, preferred, or response here.

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