Yesterday’s War

Visualizing a future filled with the grim darkness of unending asymmetric warfare is fun, but can get to be a touch depressing at times. To spare myself from sliding into the vortex of never-ending war with EastAsia, I picked up a much more cheerful game called 7TV.

It’s a game based on English adventure shows from the late 60s and 70s, such as the classics of the Avengers, UFO, etc. A time when men still drank and smoked, and women in leather catsuits beat the living crap out of weedy men with bad hair and moustaches.

Mostly I was sold on the book because of its fantastic graphic design, and I feel that this sort of thing should be supported. I haven’t actually played yet, but there looks to be a fantastic game in there as well, if the reviews are to be believed.

Naturally I now have a few things on order (because I don’t have enough unpainted stuff lying around) and they won’t be painted in camouflage when they arrive, which will be a nice change.

While I wait for mini Mrs Peel to arrive, I thought I should look ahead to where the action should take place. So I just purchased a PDF of the 7TV Set Designer. It’s a little pricy at £10, but I thought I’d take a chance. It’s a collection of floor templates and walls, already nicely textured (by which I mean computer textures, not real ones) in ready-to-cut-up strips. You could easily do the same yourself by trolling the texture sites and using photoshop, but I’d rather spend the time with this than staring at a computer, as all the preliminary work has been done for you.

The trick was to see if it could create a reasonably good looking TV set in a short amount of time, and in 15mm scale, because there’s no way I’m switching back to 28 for this sort of thing.

I decided to try my hand at making the super-secret base, much like the one shown in the PDF, although not exactly. Here’s the result after about a whopping one hour and half over two days (that’s only 45 minutes a day!):

If I used Nazis, it could be the secret underground base in Antarctica.

The three dimensional bits are various things I found in my drawers of painted miniatures, mostly 1/300 scale. The power generators at top left are GZG dropships upside down, and the rest of the equipment is 1/300 scale buildings.

The sets are extremely simple to assemble open topped boxes. Print the desired textures at 60% for 15mm scale, spray glue to matboard and glue into a box shape. Of course, you can also use the textures on other, more complex shapes, but I haven’t done that yet.

Here’s a few closeups to advertise the pilot episode:

Why is there a pilot for a backhoe? Is he digging a gate to another universe?

The glue isn’t even dry in this picture and you can see it in the corner.

Ugly 1/300 barracks, or ’70s pulp machinery?

So far it’s looking good. The interior walls are made of offcuts from the outside walls. I coloured the edges with a marker, so I didn’t even have to break out the paint. The tops are still white, so it looks more like a cutaway view.

Religious extremists? Bolshie German terrorists? Mind controlled servants of the mushroom men? Why are they standing in planters in the parking lot?

Was it worth the £10? Actually, I suspect it was, especially if you have access to a cheap printer, spray glue, a respirator and a stack of matboard. More importantly, it works just fine for 15mm scale, so that’s one more reason you can use to justify your impulse purchase of  7TV.




  • Terrain Junkie wrote:

    Hey i was really interesting in checking these out for myself. I have a whole horde of other modern terrain paper sets. Would you be willing to set a trade?

  • Crooked Dice’s Albion Rocket Consortium looks a lot like Spaceship Zero…! Can 7TV support radio plays?

  • Kashirigi wrote:

    I think it can support radio plays, although perhaps you would need to play without miniatures. . .

    There’s not that much difference in structure between radio and TV scrips.

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