Tomorrow’s War Tokens

I’ve taken quite a liking to Osprey/Ambush Alley Games’ Tomorrow’s War, but discovered that I really needed a set of markers to make the game flow more quickly. I didn’t feel like ordering a bunch of acrylic ones, so I decided to whip up some futuristic style counters for myself.

This set will probably not cover every eventuality, but it should be useful for most purposes. The tokens are pretty large, so that a) you can see them without having to bend over to look at them and/or b) you can place them underneath a figure if tokens on the table really irritate you. In this latter case, only the text will stick out.

Of course, the statuses on the tokens are not exclusive to Tomorrow’s War, and can be used with many wargames, not the least of which is Force on Force.

TW Counters

Download: Tomorrow’s War tokens (colour) or Tomorrow’s War tokens (super line art version).

Now with super two page goodness! A second counter sheet with only three tokens: Shaken (for irregulars), Immobilized and Damaged (for all sorts of damage).

Download: Page Two (colour) or Page Two (super line art version).

Although they are set on US Letter sized paper, they will print on A4 without the tedious resizing issues that you usually get with that sort of thing.

If you have any comments, please feel free to tell me.


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