Gruntz status counters

Congratulations on discovering my token set for the Gruntz 15 mm scale wargame. They were created because S6 Engineering has gone out of business, so laser-cut tokens are no longer available.

There’s two files, one with straight edges, and one with rounded edges. If you’re cutting the rounded edges, it will be significantly more work, but the tokens will be more stylish.

There are several aesthetic differences between the official symbols and these tokens. The skull has been replaced with a red cross, and the prone symbol with a down arrow. This will, of course, not change game play in any way.

Gruntz Status Tokens Thumbnail

Download: Square tokens or rounded tokens.

Although they are set on US Letter sized paper, they will print on A4 without the tedious resizing issues that you usually get with that sort of thing.

If you have any comments, please feel free to tell me.

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