JTF-2 seconded to DCH.

Given that my labours have given rise to a significant number of angry terrorists, I can finally focus on the members of the eponymous Duchess Camilla’s Horse. I must confess that I was quite tired of painting figures that were all different, so the first part of my Canadian force was going to be all the same. And by all the same, I mean really the same, as in the all-black JTF-2.

Naturally, there are no JTF-2 figures available, but many readily applicable substitutes. I chose the Rebel Minis KSK assault team , as they had the closest appearance to the somewhat rare photographs of JTF-2. As a bonus, they also have a figure holding a riot shield, which seemed appropriate as members of the RCMP participate in JTF-2.

Painting things dressed in black is always a bit problematic. If they’re actually black, then you can’t see any detail. Paint them too light, and they don’t look black enough.

My solution was to paint them a dark grey, made with a mixture of Carbon Black, Payne’s Grey and Titanium White. The details where then highlighted with a lighter shade (the same with more white in it). Afterwards, the whole works was washed with a quite heavy wash of a combination of black and indigo inks and Future®. There’s some, but not that much, variation on the shades of the boots, etc.

The out of focus figure on the back right is carrying a riot shield, so he's clearly RCMP

The visors are (obviously) painted blue. It’s not the most realistic of colours, but I also wanted the figures to be seen on the table from a distance, so I exaggerated the tint. Also, surrealist blue adds a certain SF élan.

That's a hell of a protective visor.

The faces weren’t painted the same way; they got the usual face treatment of various shades of flesh, plus fleshy washes, which sounds like chicken stock, but is really made of Future and ink.

I decided to base them on grey, as its neutral enough to be used on any surface. They’d also be easy to distinguish from any other figures, as if the black wasn’t enough.

What is he doing?

One of the figures is doing something with his arm. I suspect that it’s supposed to be around someone, or escorting someone out. I didn’t feel much like making tiny diorama, so he’s still on a base by himself. It looks a bit like one of those awkward photos taken in an action scene, or pictures of astronauts moving slowly in zero-g. The weirdness is enhanced by the abnormally large hand.

As for the figures themselves, they’re of good quality. Mould and flash lines were minimal. The detailing isn’t as crisp as it is on, say, Peter Pig figures (which are my new high standard of quality), but it’s quite good. The metal is fairly soft, so I had to carefully straighten some of the barrels of the weapons, but this was hardly a difficult task. Given their reasonable price and Rebel’s excellent service, I wouldn’t hesitate to get more.

I once actually saw JTF-2 (possibly), for a period exceeding no longer than 10 seconds. I was at some sort of entertainment party at a local armory where I was acting as a photographer. I wandered around looking for a bog that wasn’t filled with rich showbiz arseholes and blundered into a room that had a bunch of extremely fit people and a selection of weapons which would make James Cameron jealous, let alone the rest of Canada’s regular forces. I was instantly hustled out (politely), and two days later the House of Commons/PMO was forced to announce that JTF-2 had been deployed.

I of course have no proof whatsoever that it was JTF-2, but Occam’s Razor and all that.

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