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Not so recently I completed some Peter Pig AK-47 Republic Toyota Hilux pickup trucks to use as technicals for both modern and near future SF games. Before you scoff at the idea of a Hilux surviving into the future, I suggest watching this series of videos on Youtube to see why having a Hilux pickup truck an SF game highly plausible.

The pickups themselves were nicely cast, requiring very little in the way of sanding and repair. Sadly, they don’t have any mirrors and lack a rear bumper. I added my own rear bumper out of styrene, but didn’t do the mirrors as I had doubts as to their structural integrity.

Painting these was pretty straightforward, with the usual prime, pre-shade with airbrush, main colour, highlight colour, detail, weather. etc steps. I didn’t use a brush for any highlights; I just airbrushed a gentle coat of a lighter shade of the main for highlighting.

Much like my irregular force before it, they would have painted up much more quickly had they all been the same colour. Painting them in four colours required at least 8 shades of paint (probably closer to 12).

Here they are before the weathering:


Look! I forgot to crop out the desk in the bottom right corner.

Those of you with an affinity for Where’s Waldo may notice that there’s a figure in one picture but not in the other. What magic is this?

I cunningly constructed a special base for the gunner figures. This allows me use the MGs in stationary positions as well. Some of you may think that having dirt and plants in the back of a pickup with an MG have clearly never hauled manure in the back of a Hilux.

The next, obvious question is the shape of the base.

Note both the questionable exposure and the unique, slab-serif "I" base.


The remaining step was weathering. I thought I’d avoid excessive weathering. Even after drivingĀ  on dirt roads for days, you can still tell what colour a vehicle is. I can confirm this because my car is still green even though it hasn’t been through it’s semi-annual washing. I also used a reference photo of a filthy pickup that I saw this winter. What translates as filthy in real terms is still rather a minimal amount of weathering, as the final product shows.

The rear bumper is made of styrene, which makes it more like a Honda Civic



For true filth and weathering, wait for my next segment on the 100 yen store truck.



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