Traveller Adventure 7: Broadsword

Although I may be dating myself, I started playing Traveller in the 1980s. The early 1980s. I picked up Adventure 7 back then, and never played it, because of the seeming impossibility at the time of painting such a huge lot of miniatures. Of course, now, 45 miniatures is really bugger-all, and the “armour” complement consists of only three vehicles.

Most of the figures are from RAFM, from what I believe was the Citadel Traveller line. The majority of the infantry are the Planetary Militia and the Warhounds of Sirius (as it was a joint Vargr/Human unit).

I painted these units for speed, not beauty. Looking back on it, it’s probably around 20 minutes a figure, including basing. I spent a little more time on the APCs, mostly because Old Crow’s models are beautiful.  These are also some of my earliest forays into using my new double action airbrush.

Old Crow Claymore Heavy APCI was looking for something pseudo-digital-camo-ish. The model was painted in four colours, and each layer was masked with small squares of masking tape. It was a bit of a pain, and for a true digital camo look the squares should have been more numerous and smaller. However, I’m still pleased with result, and the colours fit in with urban, woodland and desert, which is what you would expect from a unit that fights anywhere.

Old Crow Claymore Heavy APCIf you look closely at the base of the figure in the foreground, you can see a tiny strip of white under the base.  I discovered that Avery 05472 labels are the same size as the universal 15mm miniatures base (that is, the Canadian or American penny). Because the Broadsword has a small complement, it’s fairly important to track casualties and what their roles are. The labels are perfect for this, and they can hold a significant amount of information.

If you’re at all interested, I have created a blank template for Illustrator as well as PDF of the complement of the Broadsword so you don’t have to duplicate the work yourself.

When all is said and done, the whole works looks like this:

Crew and infantry complement of the BroadswordI plan on using Tomorrow’s war to actually play out the adventure/campaign. It’s likely to be solo, but that’s another story.


  • Started in the 1980’s…
    I got Traveller with my pocket money back in 1977 when it was a 3 book set in a black box for £5. I saved my pocket money for 3 weeks to get it…


  • Kashirigi wrote:

    I bought the LBBs when I first saw them, which had to be 1982 or 3. I had to save up for a while, too. I still have them, but the Mongoose LBBs are superseding them in use.

  • Great stuff! I’m playing my way through a solo Broadsword campaign at the moment. I used 5150 for the first battle (‘The Raid’) and now using TW for The Ambush (which I’m playing as taking place in a small town on the way back to the starport on Garda Vilis. I’ve purchased some Protolene Khanates as my Vargr squad, and some Eureka Ventaurans as my Zhodani. For the next battle I’m thinking of bringing in the Zhodani.

  • darren damant wrote:

    I have some of the Old Crow stuff. Been trying to figure out a camo scheme myself. How did you mask off the model? Did you paint the model one color, then mask and paint the whole model another color and so on? If you did that in what order did you paint your colors? Dark to light?

  • Kashirigi wrote:

    I painted the models from dark to light. After each coat I would highlight, then mask areas using small pieces of masking tape cut into squares.

    After the four colours were done, I unmasked, highlighted some more, and gave a darker wash.

    After that I weathered in the usual manner.

  • darren damant wrote:

    Thanks. What did you use to wash the vehicle? The crow stuff has a lot of flat surfaces and not many crevices so would not a wash just make the vehicle look “dirty”?

  • Kashirigi wrote:

    The wash is a mixture of a bit of acrylic burnt umber ink, Future floor polish and water. The areas stained by fuel and oil use a similar wash made with black ink instead.

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