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Time travelling science fiction

This is supposed to be about 15mm sci-fi, but I have to admit that I haven’t been as focused as I could be. A few months ago, I saw that there was a samurai skirmish game from Osprey coming out: Ronin. I’ve always wanted to play a samurai game, but when I had larger miniatures […]

Winter is coming all over your table

Winter around here is usually cold, damp and unpleasant. Who wouldn’t want to model that? A couple of weeks ago I was browsing through Wargames: Soldiers and Strategy  (specifically issue 69) at my local bookstore. My attention was caught by the article ‘A quest for the ultimate flexible gaming mat – the philosopher’s portable battlefield’. The […]

Pulp people painstakingly painted

I did eventually promise an update, and here is a somewhat pathetic one. I haven’t been updating because I was on vacation.  I have just returned, so in the great tradition, here is a vacation snapshot. Like my snapshots, the following photographs were also taken with my cell phone, which I will use to explain […]

Moribund means still alive

I really haven’t dropped off the face of the earth; I’ve actually been fairly busy. However, I have been having some problem with the quality of the pictures from my camera. They look they’ve been strained through an old teabag that soaked in a cesspool, so I haven’t been posting anything. I will though. Here’s […]

I could feel the darkness of the city seeping into my bones

I apologize for the lack of reliable updates. In early November our apartment was flooded with sewage, and we were forced to live somewhere else while the damage was repaired. That’s very nearly finished, but to top it all off I had a bout with pneumonia, after which I emerged on the losing side. Now […]

A review of The Department from the department of reviews

You may have noticed that updates have been a little sparse lately. That’s because our place is undergoing renovation, so I have no place to a) paint b) play c) take pictures All of these things make life a little harder, but I’m going to soldier on, and start off with something I should have […]

Yesterday’s War

Visualizing a future filled with the grim darkness of unending asymmetric warfare is fun, but can get to be a touch depressing at times. To spare myself from sliding into the vortex of never-ending war with EastAsia, I picked up a much more cheerful game called 7TV. It’s a game based on English adventure shows […]