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A review of The Department from the department of reviews

You may have noticed that updates have been a little sparse lately. That’s because our place is undergoing renovation, so I have no place to a) paint b) play c) take pictures All of these things make life a little harder, but I’m going to soldier on, and start off with something I should have […]

Modern architecture comes to your table

I’m sorry that it’s taken so long to update my site. Having a flood can do that sort of thing. To make it up to you, I’ve finally finished a distributable PDF of my modern building. It’s now available for download, complete with lengthy instructions. Please let me know if you find any horrendous typos, […]

A hint of paper things to come

I’ve already had a post about paper buildings that don’t really look like paper (plus a downloadable template). I can understand that many people don’t like paper because they look flat and lifeless, and are anathema to the three-dimensionality of miniature figures. I’m trying to change that. With the exception of the miniatures, everything else […]

Merka makes mark in military

My Duchess Camilla’s Horse regiment already had armour for modern combats, but the infantry serve a dual-role as science fiction troops as well. There’s a large variety of science-fiction style tanks around, but I wanted something near-future like with tracks, so I selected Rebel Miniatures’ Merka tank, and got a troop of five. Tanks in […]

October Surprise

One of the more distateful American election “traditions” is the October surprise, and arguably the largest of those was the 1980 Iran Hostage Crisis. Apropos of that, what every miniatures gamer needs is a collection of tiny painted cowering prisoners. Really, can you have a modern asymmetrical warfare game without innocent or not-so-innocent civilians being […]

Rebel MATV Apache: a sort of review.

My DCH troops needed some softskin transport and recon, and seeing as I can’t find anyone that actually makes a 15mm scale G-Wagon I had to either scratchbuild one and cast it (not yet) or buy something else. I decided to go with Rebel Mini’s MATV Apache, which looks like an uparmoured HMMWV (at least […]

There’s foam in them thar hills

One of the problems with my set of modular desert boards was that it was really much too flat. Even though generally in 15mm scale the boards are smaller, the third dimension was really lacking. While ideally I would have liked to make hills as found in this very nice tutorial, I was bound by […]

Yesterday’s War

Visualizing a future filled with the grim darkness of unending asymmetric warfare is fun, but can get to be a touch depressing at times. To spare myself from sliding into the vortex of never-ending war with EastAsia, I picked up a much more cheerful game called 7TV. It’s a game based on English adventure shows […]

Blocks for adults

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything because the two weeks of summer arrived and I’ve been doing things (gasp) outside. Now that it’s nearly over, I thought I’d celebrate with more modular building goodness. I had a design goal for making something simple and stackable that could be used for SF (or […]

Set phasers on “paint spray”

In the tradition of wargamers everywhere, I completely neglected my large pile of unpainted figures and ordered some new ones, which I of course planned to paint immediately. I was unable to resist the 15mm Astro Miniatures line. After some remarkably good customer service from them, the figures arrived quickly and well packed. They were […]