Time travelling science fiction

This is supposed to be about 15mm sci-fi, but I have to admit that I haven’t been as focused as I could be. A few months ago, I saw that there was a samurai skirmish game from Osprey coming out: Ronin.

I’ve always wanted to play a samurai game, but when I had larger miniatures I never had the inclination to actually make all the objects I would require. Because 15mm is so much smaller, it should be no problem.

With this thought in mind, I came up with a plan (which I suspect will be subject to change). I wanted a 2×2 modular board, with enough buildings to have a small village (or to be on the edge of a larger town).

My plan consisted of 50cm x 50cm modular terrain*, a few buildings, and, of course, a handful of samurai miniatures.

In the end, I envisioned something like this:

Japanese Terrain

You can almost smell the sakura flowers

Well, mostly like that, except in colour. Probably with a few more buildings. Here it is with a more clearly visible 15mm figure, to the left near the water.


Now with tiny samurai delicatessen.

The plan was to have 4x25cm squares of MDF, with water on one side and grass on the other. The rest is styrofoam made into terrain in traditional styrofoam style. All the pieces, exploded somewhat roughly, would look like this:

All pieces of the terrain model

A very orderly explosion.

No doubt this plan is simple and easy to achieve. The first thing is to make all the buildings. How hard could that be? Everyone knows that Japanese buildings are dirt simple.


*Keep in mind that my plan started before my discovery of custom made gaming mats.


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